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Driven by interest, deliver by robustness, guarantee by expertise. With several industrial experiences, I'm always available to complete my work shortly after we communicate on the requirement.

Working Experience

Software Engineer, Quantamental Tech Limited

  • Tenor: 2020 Jul - 2022 Feb
  • Revamp gateway system with rust
  • Added many crypto exchanges connectivity, plus support to derivatives
  • Added realtime (mbp/mbo) orderbook data supportivity
  • Provide 24/7 support on opearating the gateway system
  • Deploy system in kubernetes
  • Provide support scripts in python

Keywords: #crypto #marketmaking #gateway #future #option #orderbook #rust #docker #kubernetes #python

Co-Founder, Director, PriSec

  • Tenor: 2017 Mar - 2020 Mar
  • Provides a solution to companies such that upon fulfilling our standard, the companies can share cryptographic data for authentication while they can keep their own database storing confidential information unshared
  • Handle mostly backend side development
  • Develop backend products using golang, packaged as docker images and deploy to gitlab CI for CI/CD and testing
  • Develop API for communication among the products, using gRPC and protobuf, also supporting RESTful
  • Integration test through python PyTest framework
  • Cryptographic secure by aligning ISO/RFC standards on x509 for handling cryptographic materials
  • Assist frontend development including Dart&Flutter, NodeJS&VueJS
  • Pub/sub system usage with Redis (Similar to message queueing like rabbitMQ)
  • Use of cloud platform AWS
  • Establishment of agile methodology for collaboration among developers
  • Managed interns and employees for 6 months

Keywords: #cybersecurity #cryptography #CICD #golang #x509 #aws #dart #flutter #vuejs #python #gitlabci #publickeyinfrastructure #redis #grpc #protobuf

Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters

  • Tenor: 2015 Jan - 2016 Dec
  • Maintainence of a component in low latency product Elektron
  • Maintain the product written in C++. Making use of multithreading
  • Test through python robotframework
  • Develop an automatic test result verifier on C# as a console app
  • CI/CD flow managed by Jenkins
  • Observe the network traffic with Wireshark and in-house product for debugging
  • Establish automated test in Windows Server mimicing Eikon connected to Elektron
  • Knowledge in RSSL and therefore market data handling

Keywords: #windowserver #redhatlinux #solaris #csharp #cpp #python #batch #bash #jenkinsci #regressiontest #multithread #lowlatency #networktrafficanalysis #pcap #scrum #marketdata #orderbook #jira

Developer, GooLook

  • Tenor: 2014 Jun - 2015 Jan
  • Work on social platform web project with LAMP stack
  • Experience in using laravel 4

Keywords: #php #mysql #laravel4 #apache2 #nginx #jquery #bootstrap #digitalocean

Academic Experience

MSc Computer Science, HKU

  • Tenor: 2015 Sep - 2018 Dec
  • Disseration studying structure of security proofs
  • Include courses with basic financial knowledge
  • Include courses with basic data mining and machine learning knowledge

Keywords: #zeroknowledgeproof #binomialoptionpricing #classification #association #markovchain

BSc Maths, HKU

  • Tenor: 2011 Sep - 2014 Aug
  • Received programming training in SciLab, C++, Java
  • Received basic training in several foundational area in Mathematics

Keywords: #ode #numericalanalysis #numbertheory #oop

Personal Projects

  1. fgoeurotest

Provide means for friend to show off what they obtain from gacha. Simple html/js project.

  1. jpmj point calculator

For calculating the points gained and lost after counting han and fu. Simple html/js project.

  1. gbf team raid score displayer

For displaying the trend of ongoing and historical team raid of gbf. Include a data collection backend.

Keywords: #gcp #cloudfunction #firestore #firebasehosting #vue #chartjs

First blog post

23 Apr 2022

Honestly, this is the first time I use mdbook for a website. This site previously was a simple html with css templates, and was maintained like a mess.

Using mdbook, write things in markdown is much easier and also open up opportunity in writing blog post here. I can't imagine write blog posts in my previous pure html website...

I have no intention to advocate anything here. Maybe I will come back and write something whenever I find it interesting enough to share. It might be a software architectual problem, or some practical coding problem, or cryptography, or mathematics problem or even some macro economics problem! With the ease I can use markdown here, I'm sure contents here will be filled shortly - once I develop the habit of recording my memorible moment!